About Us

   Jessica and I (Brandon) founded Domesticated Men in 2020. I started making my own beard products a few years ago because I just wasn't satisfied with anything on the market. During the process of perfecting my formula my research lead to a few key discoveries which would shape the vision of this company.

Not all ingredients are created equal and not everything that's labelled natural and organic is good for you. Domesticated Men’s values are simple. Be Clean. Be Honest. Be Authentic. 

Having survived testicular cancer in 2018, I became dedicated to living a clean and healthy lifestyle. Any product which bears the DM logo is guaranteed to be truly clean and formulated with your health in mind.

Jessica and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba with our daughter Leighton and dog Penny. Helping people has truly become a passion of mine and since sharing my story on the @thedomesticatedbeard Instagram account, I feel like I've found my calling in life. Discussing vulnerabilities and speaking on difficult topics, allows us to gain a better understanding of one another's perspectives. By sharing those experiences we enable ourselves to build stronger connections with one another based on respect and empathy. This is what I believe the epitome of the human experience is. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us and we hope you enjoy our products. 

Brandon and Jessica